The responsible investment approach

The responsible approach to investments is for Gardant Investor SGR an essential part of its positioning in the investment and management of impaired credit portfolios.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Gardant SGR has a dedicated SRI Policy and internal regulations to integrate ESG factors into both the investment processes and operations of the SGR, consistent with the ambitions and vision defined by the Gardant Group.

For each portfolio of impaired loans in the Funds, Gardant Investor SGR ensures the adoption of a Code of Conduct by all companies in charge of managing the portfolios, which includes the following commitments:

  • Align with the principles and good practices of the National Union for Credit Protection Enterprises (UNIREC) ;
  • Adopt and promote a management method based on the principles of transparency and fairness of the actions taken;
  • Give preference to out-of-court recovery rather than judicial recovery based on the mere enforcement of guarantees, in order to combine recovery objectives with the maintenance of favourable conditions for the recovery of the debtor;
  • Promote the application of negotiation standards that also take into account responsible and reliable behaviour on the part of debtors, as a relevant factor in assessing settlement agreements, on the basis of economic and financial parameters.


In addition, for specific categories of investments, Gardant Investor SGR wishes to take further actions with a view to both business responsibility and risk management, and in particular:

Lease credit portfolios:

  • monitoraggio delle caratteristiche ambientali dei beni e;
  • Assessment of the environmental risk of assets subject to leasing contracts during acquisition and portfolio due diligence;
  • Monitoring of the environmental characteristics of the assets; and
  • Interventions for the retrofitting, redevelopment or revaluation of assets it has taken ownership of;
  • Sale or redevelopment of assets it owns for social purposes.


UTP portfolios or individual positions:

  • Promotion of management strategies aimed at restoring conditions of solvency and continuity;
  • Evaluation of active ownership strategies, redevelopment and efficiency measures, etc;
  • Assessment of the integration of ESG factors in revaluation and redevelopment interventions and strategies.