ACF and Complaints

Arbitrator for Financial Disputes and Complaints

Gardant Investor SGR S.p.A. hereby announces its adhesion to the Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie (or “ACF”, Arbitrator for Financial Disputes), established by CONSOB with Resolution No. 19602 of 4 May 2016, as a system for the out-of-court settlement of disputes in financial matters between intermediaries and investors other than qualified counterparties pursuant to Article No. 6, Paragraph 2-quater, letter d), and professional clients pursuant to the following Paragraphs 2-quinquies and 2-sexies, of the Consolidated Finance Act (“TUF”), regulated by CONSOB.

It should be noted that the right to appeal to the Arbitrator cannot be waived by the investor and can always be exercised, even in the presence of clauses contained in the contracts which devolve disputes to other out-of-court settlement bodies. For further information, please refer to the CONSOB institutional website: and

For further details, please refer to the attached document.

Gardant Investor SGR_ACF e Reclami