About us

Gardant Investor SGR is the Asset Management Company of the Gardant Group, specialised in alternative investments.

The Gardant Group is one of the leading players in the Italian market of impaired and illiquid loans, active as Debt Purchaser & Debt Servicer.


Our mission

Gardant Investor SGR acts on the market as a reference partner in Italy for investors interested in opportunities in the impaired and illiquid credit sector.

Our numbers

To date, the Group manages as servicer about EUR 45 billion of credits (nominal value), works as special servicer about EUR 20 billion of credits (nominal value) and has directly invested in credit portfolios for an amount of EUR 1,2 billions (purchase price) in 5 years.


Asset Under Management (GBV)


Asset in Special Servicing (GBV)


Investimenti effettuati

Our history

Gardant Investor SGR was established in 2021, following a reorganisation of the Group which led to the centralisation of its debt purchasing activities.

Our Group

Gardant Investor SGR pursues its strategy by synergistically benefiting from the structure of contacts, professionals, data warehouse and experience of the entire Gardant Group.