It is Gardant Investor SGR’s belief that adopting a correct and responsible approach in the investment process and in the management of risks and opportunities linked to ESG issues is the key through which to generate added value for all the counterparties involved in the sector of reference, i.e.,

  • Investors which need reliable and competent business partners;
  • Subjects with debt positions which can rely on responsible behaviour and attention to continuity and sustainability;
  • The Italian economic system, in which specialised skills and instruments can enhance the value of assets already classified as impaired.


On the basis of the general principles promoted by the United Nations (UN Global Compact) and the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and of its own institutional mission (mettere link se viene scritta da qualche parte nel sito), Gardant Investor SGR adopts the following principles:

  • Commitment of the Corporate Bodies in relation to the promotion of sustainability objectives and ESG factors;
  • Compliance with regulations and ambition to adopt best practices in environmental protection, public health, labour, anti-corruption and corporate governance;
  • Promotion of policies and practices to foster staff diversity and gender inclusion;
  • Developing awareness of ESG issues among all employees and stakeholders through training and communication;
  • Inclusion of ESG factors in investment analysis and decision-making processes.


The commitment of Gardant Investor SGR is part of the even broader commitment of the Gardant S.p.A. Group.